Our project is aiming to provide information about clean water source with the help of Android platform near the user's current location.

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


Our project is currently going to be in Android platform. We have divided the improvement in two stages which are given below

1) In stage 1: User will be able to provide input of the water availability in their current location, what type of water source (Well, big pond, lake or a river etc) and user will be able to get what resources are available near him. All the information will be stored in DB.

2) In stage 2: We will try to fetch data from different government officials and other websites and put those data in DB for the users so that user can able to get the data.

Our project will help any user with a mobile phone and internet connection to be able to get the nearest clean water resource. And for researcher and other government official, we will be able to provide information with the availability of clean water source in different areas.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Md Asif  Ibtehaz
  • Abu Sufian
  • Syeda NoorJaha Azim