Wildfires are an immediate danger when they are close to human communities. When evacuating these areas, it turns out that the chosen route is crucial to people's survival. This app will help people navigate on the safest route out of their endangered community based off of real time images coming from NASA satellites.


Wildfires are likely to occur in areas with arid climates, such as those around the equator. An alarming problem is when they become an immediate danger to human beings. In case of emergencies, people may need to evacuate their hometowns.

This app will help people find the safest routes when wildfires are an immediate threat to them. Users' current location will be analyzed, so that surrounding wildfires are identified. The application will use real time data offered by NASA, and will make predictions about potential areas that wildfires can spread to. Finding routes will take into consideration these predictions.

Implementation details: The mobile app uses MODIS fire data from NASA and identifies safe navigation routes by using artificial intelligence techniques.

Technologies used:

  • Data.nasa.gov - for real time imagery coming from satellites Aqua and Terra
  • Google maps
  • Ionic.IO used for the hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS

Additional feature - Connected car experience: where the car receives feedback and notification from the above mobile application and temperature and CO2 sensors equipped in the car itself. so the driver can be focusing on the driving rather checking mobile phone for updates.

Technologies used:

  • Intel edison with light/temperature sensor and LCD panel for display.
  • python
  • python - flask_restapi
  • IBM - Bluemix python app

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/spaceappsnyc/wildfire-navigator


Navigation through wildfires - http://s24.postimg.org/3uc7oakd1/wildfre_navigator.png


  • Kishore Kudipudi
  • Alexandru Nedelcu