This project is solving the Robots Robots Robots challenge.

VeGaSt is a robot constructed with Lego Mindstorms Kit 9.2. The purpose is to find its way out of randpmly constructed maze. The robot is equipped with suspension system serving as landing gear for the vehicle. Each eheel has cleats and is independently geared, providing for climbing over obstacles. The base also has six wheels, divided into two groups of three, that can turn simultaneously into different directions. Thus, VeGaSt could turn right based on the data received by the ultrasonic sensors. These devices scan the surroundings and tell how far the walls are from the robot. When they make full turn, the robot decides in which way to go, e.g. where there is no wall. VeGaSt is powered by three servo motors, two of which serve as the base and the other one starts the two sensors.

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  • Galina Velichkova
  • Vencislav Valev
  • Stefani Nikolova