A site providing astronomers and citizens scientists with relevant celestial happenings and activities. Through our Recent Changes page users can view the most recent activity that has occurred and can find more extensive information from sources like MAXI and NASA.

This project is solving the Transient Watch – Daily News on Active Neutron Stars and Black Holes on Your Mobile Phone challenge.


Release 1.0 Our project hopes to provide relevant information to astronomers and citizen scientists. We are achieving this through the evaluation of several sources. We built a site that presents users with the information that we believe is the most relevant including Right Ascension and Declination as well as the Orbital Period.

Additionally, several features are in development such as a social interaction through embedded Twitter boxes that feature popular activity through hashtags.

If a user would like to receive SMS updates they will be able to sign up to receive notification when there is an activity/change in star activity. Users can receive SMS updates with relevant links to stars they have subscribed too as well.

We plan to add visualozations as well as building out the individual star pages.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Matt Ryan
  • John Wyeth