HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BE ASTRONAUT? We did! So our our project aims to transform the experience of the "Train Like An Astronaut" NASA program to an accessible, easy and fun mobile application for all children. The main goal is to have a mobile application that provides children the "experience" that we would have loved to have when we were child and as a future goal we want to create a web platform that serves as a tool for schools to help managing progress of their students.


Have you ever wanted to be astronaut? -->

So we did! And that’s the reason we choose to create this project

What objectives does this project have?

  • The main goal is to develop have an accessible, easy and fun application for mobile devices that provides children the experience we would have loved to have when we were young.
  • As second goal we want to create a web platform linked to the app that serves as a tool for schools to help managing progress of their students.

What content does this app have?

The content is principally based on "Train Like An Astronaut" NASA program.

What is "Train Like An Astronaut" Nasa Program?

‘Train Like an Astronaut’ is an international educational challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition as we encourage students to ‘train like an astronaut.’

You can learn more about it at

Why then this project makes sense to be done?

  • Because we fell in love at first sight with ‘Train Like An Astronaut’ program. When we were younger, we dreamt about becoming astronauts and it would have been awesome to have something like that and thus we wanted to contribute to this project.

  • We also think that there are some aspect that can be improved to provide a better experience:

  • Website lacks of interactivity at one-to-one level
  • Not really practical neither usable for carry on physical activities
  • No feedback or progression over time, its you and your papers
  • No way to save your results and anotations between sessions.

Why a mobile application?

We live in the smart-devices era and the smartphone is by far the king. We also think that nowadays children can take more advantage of a mobile device application than of that on a website, because you can take it with you, it’s interactive and it’s more personal.

What main features does this application have?

  • Missions that address challenges and pursue goals.
  • My Journal for writing the results and annotations of missions.
  • Statistics to see progression over time.
  • Social features to share your experience with friends and the world
  • and all this Gamified to make it a fun and challenging experience.

Does it have some secondary features?

  • Educational content such as definitions, facts, riddles.
  • Quizzes and trivia games with leaderboards and rankings
  • Extra tasks during missions to earn more points or badges.
  • Nutritional advice and recomendation.
  • Analitycs from user input and data collected.

Seems a little bit ambitious and some how big. What's your plan to bring this project to life?

We plan to use some kind of “lean startup” approach and agile by subdividing in stages

Stage 0: Space Apps challenge 2015

  • Defining the problem that we want to solve.
  • Plan a solution that covers all the features.
  • Kickstart the project.

Stage 1: Usable application for mobile devices

  • Extract data from ‘Train Like An Astronaut’ program and transform it into a mobile-friendly format.
  • Generate optimal data models for mobile consumption.
  • Launch and test to ask for early feedback.

Stage 2: Make it an online experience

  • Create backend for interconnect apps and user.
  • Collect the data from apps and generate stadistics and analytics (Big Data)
  • Backup of local data in server

Stage 3: Bring the Tecahers in!

  • Design a frontend access for professors
  • Create a bidirectional conversation mechanism between app and web
  • Adapt content format to be prepared for schools

Can you list some of the future features for this project?

  • Different levels for user profiles.
  • Connectivity with weareables for direct input data collection.
  • More missions and content
  • Add more info about nutrition and healthy habits
  • Create content for non-children.

Who compose your team?

This team is composed by three geek entrepreneurs with lots of ideas and illusion:

  • Hugo Nebreda -> freelance developer
  • Irene De La Fuente -> telecomm engineer
  • Jairo Gonzalez -> freelance webmaster

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL:


Slideshow for Local Level -


  • Hugo Nebreda Alonso
  • Jairo Gonzalez
  • irene de la fuente