The Mars Endeavour: Lava Tubes is a educational real-time strategy game utilizing natural lava tubes on Mars. 10 astronauts and 5 rovers are at your disposal. Your mission? Explore the lava tubes, mine for iron ore and ice and build facilities so you can survive on Mars. You'll have limited energy and resources, unless you can find your own. But watch out for the unexpected - perils like dust storms and solar flares can threaten the success of your mission and your survival.

This project is solving the Survivor: Mars Lava Tubes challenge.


Ten astronauts, five rovers, limited supplies and fuel. Explore Mars's lava tubes and develop a self-sustaining colony for future emigrates of Earth. Win achievements for surviving perils, mining ore and ice, building infrastructure and conducting successful science experiments. Built by careful research and unlimited imagination.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Angelina Lapteva
  • Brooke Wayne
  • John Rockefeller
  • Wyatt Carss
  • Richard Bettridge
  • Hannele Kormano
  • Michael D. Hoyle