The Future is a project built on WebGL technology. A smartphone on a wrist and one can control planet Earth in multiple ways - rotation, zooming, layer separation, as well as freezing and unfreezing. Precise voice recognition lets users end the current session, make the planet disappear, make it stick to one hand so that the other can zoom, as well as launching music tracks for an ambient background and stopping them whenever - makes this project a real innovative platform for the future.

This project is solving the SpaceGloVe: Spacecraft Gesture and Voice Commanding challenge.


This project aims to shed light onto the future of user interface. The Future renders the use of the mouse and keyboard useless. The user has complete control through hand motions and voice recognition. This project was inspired mainly by all the futuristic Hollywood movies which often portray some things which we may deem to be impossible... Until a project like this one comes along and shows that it's far from impossible, all it takes is a little innovation and creativity and dedication.

The Future uses WebGL, the Annyang voice recognition API, the Howler audio javascript API, JQuery, and a few dedicated javascript files the author wrote to realize this project, and it also uses an accelerometer/gyroscope application by that allows real time coordinated to be sent to the computer using the UDP protocol. This project has one goal in mind - revolutionizing the way people interact with machines. As can be demonstrated in this project - it's really not that impossible to create such an innovation - we have all the tools we would ever need, we just need individuals who are willing to put all the pieces together.

Using voice recognition and hand motions - the user can interact with the system and our planet Earth. One can zoom, freeze, separate the Earth from its sky, make the Earth disappear, launch background music to help you work, etc... without any effort. The potential of The Future is really limitless. The system even recognizes and authenticates users based on a unique signature move which they carry out using their hands - as opposed to the conventional password. The Future was also given a voice, and can talk back to the user once prompted with certain commands.

Witness what was once imagination become today's reality.


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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Nidal Ouazzani