Our group has devised a way to boost both the emotional and physical health of astronauts through 3D printing personalized vitamin and mineral supplements for them. The certain amounts of minerals and vitamins required for each astronaut are determined through blood tests and are printed in a gelatin form with artificial flavoring of the astronaut's choice. Additionally, the astronaut is able to pick what form they want their supplement to be in shape such as a strawberry or a model of the ISS.

This project is solving the Print Your Own Space Food challenge.


Nutrient deficiency and bone loss are difficult yet inevitable problems in microgravity environments. The foods that the astronauts eat on board the ISS are not enough to counteract these deficiencies, and these deficiencies may become worse if the astronaut starts eating less.

This is where the 3D printer comes in.

First of all, rather than revolutionizing the food system currently on board the ISS, we devised a way to boost the health of astronauts by implementing a personalized system aimed at combating vitamin and mineral deficiencies, while offering a product that boosts morale.

This can be achieved through our space-saving system of using vitamins and minerals in solid filament form wrapped around micro spindles, where the precise amount of these nutrients, determined by blood tests, are extruded into the mixing chamber where they combine with a flavor of the astronauts’ choice, and are printed into gelatin form on the printing platform. We also included the option for the astronaut to choose what flavor or taste they want, such as sweet strawberry, sour citrus fruits, or spicy foods, etc.

Additionally, we decided to allow the astronaut to choose what form of the supplement they want to eat, such as a strawberry or a model of the International Space Station, and by being able to manipulate the infills and densities of the print, we can provide different textures from chewy to gooey to give the astronauts a little taste of home.

Essentially we are creating a personalized 3D printed mineral and vitamin supplement that will enhance the physical and emotional health of astronauts.

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  • Andrew Bilan
  • Nathan Dang
  • Stephen De Herrera
  • Gurneel Boparai