With the space bot We can do a global competition , What great? Competitors do not have to leave their country, even from home to participate, through a dynamic software routing a communication via wifi with space bot is created under a cooperative working to control it through a website will have to be achieved to overcome the challenges set identification by artificial vision algorithms. connected AND READY TO PLAY!

This project is solving the Robots Robots Robots challenge.


Our initial prototype will work with a chassis of SparkFun Electronics magiccian replacing bot zero space robotics, which is equated with YUN arduino as its controller; with web communication capabilities having the arduino YUN will make a website that will be the means of control and communication with the robot vision INSTALLED Live what the robot sees, considering that the main objective of the competition is the search and tracking a particular object each base will also tell their own surveillance camera using artificial vision implemented with a Pc-Duino, to verify the correct arrival and test development at the base, registering it on a separate page created for the event organizers.

One of the most interesting features of this competition will be the person controlling the robot whitout be present at the event, How so? Simple person may participate by simply having an internet connection or wifi stable and the only thing you need is to control the robot is the url of the page assigned to your robot and ready will control the development of the race, this is the feature that will allow us to generate a global event of competence and without anyone having to leave their country to participate. The local country gives in which a team of recovery of robot will have in case the competitor report any defect.

Development of competition:

The competition started with 2 hours of classroom training and learn via streaming where the use of zero bot space robotics and competition rules of the rally among other details. While all doubts held by the competitors will be solved.

After the training will be handed the team a virtual map and challenge to be performed by the robot in the assigned base. When starting each robot competition Ships develop different locations and different but with the same distance and amount of each base paths. Each course will have at least 3 players, of which only qualify a person to the next round and so on until we reach the end of the competition and just have a champion of Space Z Rally, which will take the glory of being the champion of the world of robot worldwide largest rally, and best of all without leaving your country is more without moving from your home computer. It argues that the champion be contacted via streming and is later condecore to transfer him to the country where the competition takes place. This is about working with our prototype it is. The same competition can be implemented with zero bot space robotics, the search for objects through the installation of a camera in space bot. To do a closed room with mazes and obstacles overcome by the spacebot that have the ideal environment for the development spacebot circuit is made.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • Karla Hernandez
  • Jose Carlos Garcia Diaz
  • Joksan Alvarado