In this Application the "Astronauts" can take their pictures using our Mobile Application or Website. And also send it to their friends and family members.

This project is solving the Happy Moments From Space challenge.


In this we have developed an Android Application in which the "Astronauts" can take pictures and store them in there account. First when they launch the Application they have to register and then upload can take pictures and upload them to their accounts in the site. And also can make them as "Post Cards", and share the link with there friends and family members.

Even we are planning to introduce a customized Background where they can choose any background for the Picture from the available Backgrounds and their "Custom Background". We will be also be developing this application for Windows and Apple Platforms.

Project Information

License: Common Development and Distribution License 1.0 (CDDL-1.0)

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Space Smiles Presentation -
Space Smiles (Signed APK ) -


  • nitya lakkaraju
  • John  Benedict B