It is a concept model of mobile app ‘Space Selfie’ that realizes the extreme selfies. You have only to tap the shutter when satellite Selfie passes over you and your selfie taken from space will reach you.


Selfies became a global phenomenon. A variety of efforts such as inventing the selfie stick and using Drone camera have been made to take their best selfies. We propose the concept model of app for Android that allows the user to take the ‘extreme selfies’ taken from space. The app uses a virtual satellite ISS (International Selfie Satellite, Selfie). How to take Space Selfie:

1) Don’t miss the very moment Satellite Selfie passes over you. At that moment, Selfie finds you at the center of the world.

2) Hold the phone right over your head and tap the shutter.

3) Now you get your space selfie on your phone. Share it.

*Attention: You are caught exactly at the center on this photo. But it might be funny selfie which doesn’t satisfy your desire for perfect look selfie. The satellite moves at high speed. Even a second delay of shutter tapping may cause a disappointing and silly selfie.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Tomo Masakura