Space Fisher provides an infrastructure design based on “Internet of Things” and “Crowdsourcing Propulsion” approach. It is a logistical solution utilizing highly adaptable swarm droid technology. The system is capable of tackling any size of asteroids, a feat enabled by high modularity of individual components, which also increases the robustness of the system. Drones will be instructed with scanning for desirable content while maintaining awareness of each other and surroundings.

This project is solving the Create Your Own Asteroid Mission challenge.


Project Space Fisher is an Asteroid prospecting mission to establish an infrastructure to mine or ‘fish’ for overly abundant resources out of asteroid belt ‘pond’.

How we do this is

A Drone Control Unit full of multipurpose drones will be set up near the belt, releasing swarms of drones. Drones will distribute to the area and inspect each target in its area. After analysis drones will have multiple options on how to tackle various types of asteroids. Traveling with asteroids to the factory orbiting planet Mars, to further process them to facilitate on-the-spot 4D-printing operation. The novelty of the project is to put multiple concepts into plausible and profitable reality. According to simulation, research and rough calculation, it will take four years to shoot the stones from the Inner asteroid field to Mars for reprocessing and repurposing; for example Platinum, it would be 100 times more profitable than mining on earth.


Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • Pouria Kh
  • sumita sahu
  • ilari suorsa
  • Maksim Korobkin
  • Jiayuan Yin