Short Message Search (or SMSearch) is a search service aimed at mobile users with no access to internet. SMSearch want to bridge the gap between data and the ones needing it. Users simply have to send their query by SMS to receive meaningful informations by the same means. The service is focused on consumable goods, providing descriptions, prices, tips and other insights. The informations collected in the database are based on real-life observations, obtained with close cooperation with productors and sellers.


A farmer wishing to sell its products at the right price or a housewife who wants to know the current price of a food product can send an SMS to a given number to get an answer to his problem.

He has to send her application via SMS. Eg: "calavi tomato prices" and get an answer like "Tomatoes Calavi Price: 500 FCFA".

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Hakim Ouake
  • Basile BARRINCIO
  • Armand Accrombessi