A mobile app that tells you about celestial events of interest happening nearby and where to best observe them.


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App Demo on Youtube – Sky Lookup

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App Prototype – Sky Lookup

Why / Mission

To encourage the general public to observe the sky and learn about the celestial events

Current Situation

There exists no app in the market that can inform users when and where to get the best viewing experience for celestial events. Quite often, unless they are notified ahead of time, people do not know when specific celestial events occur. Even so, the combination of light pollution, city landscape, and weather condition can heavily impact the viewing experience of the curious stargazers.

How / Solution

A tool to inform the users what's happening in the sky based on their geographic location, and suggest the users an ideal location to view the sky to optimize the stargazing experience.

Our App would allow users to

  • • View the celestial events that are currently happening and all the upcoming event in the future
  • • Navigate to suitable locations for best viewing experience of the phenomenon
  • • Be notified about the current weather condition for trip-planning

Target Audience

  • General public
  • Astronomy buffs
  • Photographer
  • Nature lover
  • Amateur artists
  • Kids

Behind the scenes

Wireframe Sky Lookup Space App Sky Lookup Space App Hackathon Vancouver Group

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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Weather data and forecast API -
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SSC Web Service -
Meteor Shower Calendar -
Interface Generator -
Project GIT Repo -
App Prototype -
App Demo on Youtube – Sky Lookup -
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  • Akshay Chauhan
  • Chuck Lee
  • Vivian Chen
  • Henry Kam
  • Kuan Lee