This is a simulation game in which Plutonians invade the Earth. You are a Plutonian. You make friends with aliens from other planets. After that, you go to invade the Earth. You need to prevent natural disasters and solve environmental problems that occur all over the Earth. In order to do this you will you need the powers of the aliens you have made friends with. For example, Jovians can grow trees, and Mercurians can provide water.


Through this simulation game, we can learn two things.

First, by answering quizzes, you can get the knowledge of the universe and planets.

Second, you can learn how to prevent natural disasters and solve environmental issues. There are various problems happening on the Earth. The players choose and send to the Earth the right aliens to solve each problem. This simulation game will help us learn about global environmental problems, and what is needed to solve the problems.

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License: Common Development and Distribution License 1.0 (CDDL-1.0)

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  • 芙美子 齊藤
  • Sho Yumen
  • Shimizu Kengo
  • Ayu TABUKI
  • Souya Iwashiro