Create a realistic survival game that utilises data and information from NASA to provide content for the game in the form of constraints, random events and player goals. The player will have to manage their resources such as food, power and equipment to make risk assessed decisions that best help their astronauts survive. The goal of the game will be to either have the astronauts survive for a period of time, or build and maintain enough infrastructure to make further space trips to Mars cheaper. The project will develop the game by describing its mechanics, explain how real data will be used and if time allows code prototypes of the most significant parts of the game.

This project is solving the Survivor: Mars Lava Tubes challenge.


The main goal is to provide a medium for which people can learn about the conditions on Mars and what is required to build a colony for humans to survive there. Lava tubes have been identified as a suitable shelter that could provide some resources for humans. Information such as this and real data from NASA will be used to make the game as realistic as possible. The actions and strategies that players use to beat the game could then be used by NASA to assess potential landing zones on Mars and assess what is required to build and maintain a colony.

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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)



  • Martin Nobis
  • Matt Du Rieu