One of the major challenges facing our generation is the conservation of forests; deforestation is shrinking reserves which once served as lungs for our cities and countries. Our team therefore decided to accept the challenge of FMN, to provide a technological solution to identify and track causes of deforestation.

This project is solving the Forest Monitor Mapping challenge.


ScanForest is an application which aims to ensure the conservation of forests, through the creation of alerts (partial or total loss of trees) which are reported to technical collaborators, i.e. members of state organizations that are responsible for ensuring environmental care, non-governmental environmental organizations or qualified individuals interested in participating.

We identified three main causes of deforestation: logging, pests affecting trees and forest fires. For each of these causes, ScanForest can generate alerts through a web interface or a mobile application. The software is released in open source projects, available for anyone to wants to collaborate via GitHub. We have executed this project with the strongest desire to produce a platform that can be applied in real world environments.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Daniel Drake
  • Ronnie Rios
  • Gustavo Rayo
  • AndrĂ© Rocha
  • Darlon Espinoza
  • Gerardo Ortega
  • Hansel Miranda