A sensor network that would help in the detection of space debris and environmental fluctuations, as well as aid in damage inspection. In case of space debris, the sensor network would also alert the crew and guide them through the maneuver.

This project is solving the Sensor Yourself challenge.


General Network Design

  • A sensor network that provides full surface coverage installed on the space station
  • Each node contains a cluster of useful sensors
    1. Temperature sensor
    2. Atomic oxygen sensor
    3. Vibration sensor
    4. Pressure sensor
    5. Ultrasonic sensor
    6. speed sensor
    7. IR and visible light camera
    8. Radiometer
  • other sensors can also be added
  • Data collected from these sensors is constantly analyzed and compared against default readings
  • When a deviation is detected the sensors at the area of interest are sampled at a higher frequency in order to help quickly determine the danger and/or damage. This also produces a more accurate and insightful event report.
  • Cameras located closest to the area of interest can be used to further inspect any damage.

Space Debris in Depth

  • Because space debris can cause a lot of considerable damage and require immediate action, we have decided to directly send alert signals to the crew whenever an ultrasonic and/or a speed sensor detect motion.
  • These alert signals will include the object’s velocity and distance, time of impact, as well as appropriate commands (e.g. “Move Right”).
  • The crew can use the cameras in order to see and learn more about any oncoming object. Furthermore, Cameras are also wired to start recording whenever a motion is detected.
  • We hope that the installation of our safety network would aid in decreasing environment related disasters in space.

We modeled our solution around a space station, but the same network can also be installed on board satellites, probes, or any space shuttle.

Project Information

License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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Salvus Web (Prezi) -
Sensor Placement for Effective Coverage and Surveillance in Distributed Sensor Networks (resource) -
IP Webcam (Android app) -


  • Zeinab Fouda
  • Mohamed Ghazy
  • Fatima Fouda