We want to make it easier for you (and everyone less fortunate) to stay hydrated when on the go and help provide access to clean water to people in the rural areas.

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


We want to sell resmor “smart” water bottle, and by so doing that (buy these bottles), you’re helping to improve the life of another person by providing them with access to clean water.

Access to clean water can and does transform lives, and a better means of improved health, education and income - this is especially for children.

We want to dramatically reduce diseases and keep members of a community in the rural areas where access to clean water is less than low, healthy. What this really means is that each resmor “smart” water bottle purchase directly funds a water project (a water pump will be installed, which will give everyone in the community clean water)

And since we want people to refill their bottles almost anywhere, we want to bring people a network of cafes, restaurants, bars and bike shops which will provide free still water to anyone with a resmor "smart" water bottle.

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