To help provide aesthetically pleasing, and helpful information to users about asteroids. With the ability to view the current information in the database, about the asteroids, you are also able to create, update, and delete asteroid information. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This project is solving the Visualize the Asteroid Skies challenge.

  • Live Website:

Our goal is to create a web based, interactive learning environment for anyone who wishes to learn about:

  • Comets
  • NEAs
  • PHAs
  • TNOs, Centaurs and SDOs
  • Other unusual objects

With a database containing over 600,000 records of orbital elements, that contain headings, and information that may be difficult to read, and interpret. We have added the data into a non-relational database that can parse and give us greater querying capabilities. We have created a group of 1000, of the closest NEAs scaled down to a 1:275,000km, starting from the closest and moving to the furthest NEA. Also with administrative capability to modify all of the data inserted and exported out of the database.

We have also added and API that allows the data to be used and shared easier than it was before. With admin access you can add, delete, update, and repair the information that is on the database. Since this data is in a Non-relational database any one can contribute to Our database of MPC because it allows for automatic expansion and asynchronisation.

Main Features:

  • Data Visualization.

  • algorithms that allow us to compute new data and explain it better.

  • Dynamic Infographics that displays the asteroid it's epoch and its approximate size with a comparison so user can vividly imaging how it looks.

  • Content Management System

  • Ability to Add, Update, Delete and repair the data.

  • API, The new API allows you to use the MPC data more easily than ever, Because of it JSON format it is fast and compatible with most Programming languages.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Jonathan Ortiz
  • Victor Cabieles
  • Chris Lynch
  • Steve Drees