Facilitate the work of forest engineers, similar professions, and people that want to protect environment, through an application that manage the forest data compiled in the field both by professionals like anyone who visit the place.

This project is solving the Forest Monitor Mapping challenge.


The major purpose of this application is to help the departments of Forest Engineering for the protection and care of the environment, avoiding physical visits to different forests for taking pictures, saving time and financial resources, the usefulness of the application will be using the social work of several Visitors either for tourism or causality will be taking pictures that will later be stored for scientific analysis. The subject of this application will be to store the images visitors collaborators databases forestry center and then compare them with the images generated from the satellite, so would a map of forest layers near real time to analyze the environmental impact and to protect the primary and secondary forests.

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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • Mara Sanchez
  • Werner Juarez
  • Esteban Cespedes
  • RenĂ© Rey