Mubu is an iOS mobile application which consists in organising all transients' data collected from NASA's satellites. This app helps astronomers to find information about active neutrons and black holes in a easier and faster way. The particular novation of this app is that it sends push notifications, and it allows astronomers to navigate through the data in a more efficient way.

This project is solving the Transient Watch – Daily News on Active Neutron Stars and Black Holes on Your Mobile Phone challenge.


MUBU Project

Our project aims to help astronomers review data collected from NASA's satellites in a easier, faster and systematic way. The application is organised in such way that it gives general information (such as source type, rate, name, RA Degs, DEC Degs) about a certain transient. After taping the selected transient you can also see all the information that NASA has about it (such as source peak, days, last days). Astronomers can also view transient's scaled maps in a better organised way.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Alma Kukli
  • Elisa Bilali
  • Ira Belegu
  • Kelvin Çobanaj