The propose system show one different solution of the MPPT tracking system. All results of the survey system for maximum energy transfer from the solar source. The dynamically systems tracks the voltage and current source, thereby determines the maximum level for the transmission of energy. An practical development of this project is realized with of open-source system

This project is solving the Spacecraft Thermal Power Consumption challenge.


The suggested system synchronizes load consumption from two energy sources – PV and backup power supply. Implementing solar energy is an advantage of the project. Allocation of the energy through MPPT tracker is essential. The Off-Grid system introduces a new algorithm for excessive energy control - this improves the effectiveness of the system by up to 90%.

The first part of the system is as follows:

The proposed project clearly shows how after starting the program, read input output data. The results are fed to the algorithm for tracking the maximum point of the transmission. In this algorithm is defined duty cycle of the pulse sequence of operation, the output pulse converter. Different filling the pulse sequence realize classic PWM modulation in the output control charge the battery. According to the size of the charge of the battery pack is changed and output data to the controller. All data management process are recorded in the output file generated by serial port.

From the research has been observed that when ramp voltage MPPT Solar managed to compensate for this. This process is most pronounced in climate PWM control signal. Since it was established electronic system for MPPT control results show a significantly higher level of control of the output voltage. In initial tests the system is included in incorrect input-output parameters. This led to a recalibration of the whole system, then the practical results reached the desired standards. To optimize the performance of the whole system in the future variation in program parameters and quickly reaching the point of MSP at different output voltages

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)




  • Katya Uvarova
  • Pl Angelov
  • Kristifor Milchev
  • Tony Ganchev
  • Manol Velikov