Mosimov is an educational project for competition in zero gravity problems. It suggests to create flying objects by fitting together many identical modules, like a building game. Each "brick" is autonomous, controllable and able to connect with other modules. It offers only a very elementary dynamic along a single axis without rotation, but the structures obtained connecting the modules can execute any kind of complex movement in space.

This project is solving the Robots Robots Robots challenge.


The prototypes made during the SpaceApps competition have the shape of a regular triangular prism with two opposite pressurised air jets at the ends of the axis.

The project will offer a simulator, the technical schemes for the construction and the software libraries for developing your own prototype, that is all what you need, but not the space :-)

The very low cost, the completely open hardware and software will allow many people to adopt this idea, to experiment with it and this could foster new solutions for space engineering.

Project Information

License: Non-Profit Open Software License 3.0 (NPOSL-3.0)

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MoSiMov Project -
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  • Federico Gentile
  • Lorenzo Di Donato
  • Stefano Nitti
  • Davide  Aloisi
  • Vincenzo Cozzolino
  • Beniamina Rauch
  • Emanuele Alfano
  • Giampaolo Pucci