Our project consisted of building a robot (rover) which can be controller over WiFi. It was controlled using the Raspberry Pi and it is inexpensive to build.

This project is solving the Robots Robots Robots challenge.


Kuriositi is a robot built on the Raspberry Pi platform. It can be controlled remotely using web or mobile application. Also it supports all kinds of sensors which can extend its purpose and make different analysis. This kind of robot is not expensive to make and can encourage young people to experiment, and improve their knowledge about robotics and automated systems. The two DC motors that make this rover move are controlled by TB6612FNG motor driver, powered by four (4) AA batteries, which provide 6V to the motors. The main computer, the Raspberry Pi is controlling everything including the front saw which can be used to cut things that can get in the way of the rover. The rover is communicating with the user through a wireless network at 2.4GHz. Because a lot of power is needed, the two battery packs (for the motors and for the computer) add a lot of weight to the rover.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/DraganS007/kuriositi


Pictures of the rover - https://imgur.com/a/tSUER


  • Jovan Cokleski
  • Marko Tolevski
  • Jovche Malakovski
  • Dragan Siljanoski