Are we alone in the Universe? We might have to leave this beautiful blue dot at some point..but where else could we survive? We aim bringing NASA's Kepler Project to the people's pocket! How? Making an app were to have fun discovering these new exoplanets. But be careful! If you get too close you'll get trapped on their gravity. If you crash, you can share your score with your friends. And even when you loose, you are winning! Because all the ad's profit will help you fund the Kepler project.


The Kepler Quest

Our goal is to bring NASA's Kepler project to the people's pocket.

We want it to be fresh, fun and different.

How? We've made a game app were the Kepler telescope is floating around space. On its journey, it has to escape each planet's gravity by tapping the screen accordingly.

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Day a day, Kepler telescope is working to discover new planets, and of course, this app will be up to date with all of them! It push-notifies you when new planets are discovered, inviting you to play and discover them too. In fact, we have calculated their proportional mass, gravity and rotation, to feel every planet as it is, unique.

Why? Because it can be really easy to have NASA’s knowledge at the palm of your hand, and have fun at the same time.

Come on! Let’s rock and share your longest trip and what exoplanet ended your journey with your friends.

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The game includes an ad at the bottom, all the profit goes to funding this Kepler Project. So you are having fun and helping at the same time in the discovery of other potentially new habitable planets. You will now be a small part of the Kepler proyect too.

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HAVE FUN! LEARN! ENGAGE friends, and take this chance to FUND easily a project that will change the course of our history at some point.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Jose Alvarez de Perea
  • Marcos Zimmermann
  • Enrique Serrano Aparicio
  • carlos sanchez