This project is solving the Robots Robots Robots challenge.

Kee is a lego Mindstorms robot designed as a dog. Its purpose is to go in that direction in which it hears a sound and to stop when its leash is used. These functions are possible thanks to the two sensors monitored on the robot. The first one is the ultrasonic sensor that makes it possible for the robot to orientate itself in a room, e.g. when it sees an obstacle it will turn in other direction. Another sensor that finds its application in Kee robot is the sound sensor. The function that it executes is detecting sounds. In this way the robot is able to go in this way where louder sound is passed. For example, Kee could follow someone if they clap loudly. The final function of the robot is to stop when its leash, the touch sensor, is used.

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  • Galina Velichkova
  • Violeta Vanteva
  • Aleksandra Roganova
  • Stefani Nikolova