In most cases solar energy from the OnGrid system is directed to the Grid, where it is distributed between different consumers, but the investor is not entitled to control and dispence the energy. This form of energy distribution is well known weakness of the existing control systems. This defines the purpose of this project: “Creation of intelligent system for priority allocation of alternative energy” Priority of this project: Inventing a new operational algorithm for allocation of alternative energy; Securing a proportionate distribution between two sources where solar energy sources is priority energy; Synchronizing the existing grid with the energy injection movement.

This project is solving the Spacecraft Thermal Power Consumption challenge.


The new moment here is the implementation of alternative power throujh synchronized inijection. The new prototype provides synchronized communication between the electric grid and the solar panel and the result is redirected to an independent consumer. The idea is applicable for all synchronized OnGrid inverters-it reveals an entirely new approach to consumers independence. The main goal is reception of power supply proportionately from two sources – power grid and alternative sources. Intelligent control depends both on the levels of this proportions as well as on the level of solar radiation. In case of alternative energy insufficiency, an intelligent algorithm has been introduced – it supplements the deficiency of solar energy. The biggest challenge is the algorithm for control. Its targer is priority energy consumption from solar panel.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Katya Uvarova
  • Pl Angelov
  • Kristifor Milchev
  • Tony Ganchev
  • Yani Yanev