Glove Above is a synonym for Space Gloves.It will help the astronauts have amazing recreational experiences in outer space to overcome monotony in a more intuitive way.It incorporates some critical features to deal with emergency and contingency situations. It recreates a fast and easy to use virtual keyboard, rich and intuitive experience of virtual musical instruments and a cool qualitative temperature sensing.

This project is solving the SpaceGloVe: Spacecraft Gesture and Voice Commanding challenge.


The very first feature we lay emphasis on is recreating the experience of a virtual musical instrument.It makes use of piezoelectric crystals as input sensors to actually create the experience of playing an instrument and reciprocate distinct tunes with every beat played by the user.this is presently integrated with bluetooth to share real time experiences of the astronaut of using the glove with the social community residing on the earth.This successfully establishes a social media connection of the astronaut in a very creative and intuitive way by recording the tune that the glove generated, the reaction of the astronaut and any message that the astronaut would want to send.

The second feature is the virtual keyboard.We have observed in a lot of movies that intermittent communication failure between astronauts and residents of the space stations leads them to use sign communication.We have created a reliable descriptive and clear visual communication system wherein one can simply press the tips of the fingers in order to share and display information at the speed of light.This technology can be pushed further to create a remote virtual keyboard thereby dumping the conventional keyboard.

The third feature uses the virtual keyboard to display emergency predefined messages,sense the body temperature and share and display it without drawing any power from the suit or the station by using a shake generator.this ensures communication and health safety even if the main system fails in some way.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • shruti dutta
  • Abhishek Tyagi
  • Naman Saxena
  • pranav gulati
  • sourabh suri