Global Water Database is a crowd source multiaccessible platform by witch we wish to form and inform about the disponibility, the quantity and the quality of the fresh water around the world

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


Water is one of the most important resources of life on earth. However, it can be the source of certain diseases due to its drinkable issues. In spite of its importance in development process of life beings, water is insufficient or inaccessible in some areas of the globe. In fact our project Global Water database aim to contribute to the drinking water accessibility improvement by elaborating accessible:
Drinking water accessibility worldwide map; Charts and graphs to know the quantity and the evolution of the amount of water points in the regions and parts of globes

This will be useful: As source of information to the NGOs, governments, Professional water ... As efficient decision making tool

To achieve this we will: Raise awareness on citizen watch, utility and its interest for them; Involve citizens in collecting information that can be sent by SMS or email Involve governments, international organizations, NGOs... Set up a multi access platform (mobile, web) that inform on freshwater resources.

The Glow-D Apps is a mobile application for smartphones. It allows water points’ geolocation, transmission of collected data via mail or SMS and also access to the web platform. The Glow-D platform is a website where the information gathered will be processed and displayed as maps, graphs and charts

How it works: People send indication of the water points, its type (well, waterway, Drilled source), quality (clear or unclear) and quantity (number of well, pump, waterway) by: SMS from regular phones containing essentials information. For example: “Well; Seaside Area Agoè; Apéssito; Clear; 10) SMS/Mail for the Smart phones by the GloW-D App containing more precise information of the water points. For example: ‘’ Waterway; GPS Coordinates: longitude, latitude…; Clear’’ or simply like a regular phone “Waterway; Seaside Area Agoè; Apéssito; Clear; 8)

In prospect : - Information collected on our platform will enable to complete those transmitted by the NASA SWOT satellite witch aim to control continentals’ water. Then our system will also allow to control monitor underground water, drilled and well sources. - Making of low-cost kits (for water detection, survey and control) - Accessibility of weather forecast on the platform to help collect rain water in concerned regions - Provide sanitation advises through the platform.

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License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

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  • ANATO Abalo Edem Kodjo Adodo Medard
  • Alicia Singham Goodwin
  • sourou Assou-adjikpe
  • Armand Eklou
  • Audrey Rhodes
  • Ousia FOLI-BEBE