Forest Guardian is a mobile application, intended to aid in the prediction and control of forest fires. With the acquisition of data from sources such as MODIS based on NASA data, an analysis of factors such as active fire locations, wind, weather, access points, the population, among others, helps determine the degree of risk that is in an area with a forest fire and mapping it through a region. The conclusions of this analysis will give information as routes and closes aid to stop the fire.

This project is solving the Forest Monitor Mapping challenge.


Forest Guardians helps to reduce the reaction time to attack and dissolve Forest Fires with data visualization, we took raw data and created relationships among them, allowing us to generate a approximate prediction of the fire behavior and factors that can help to terminate them.

Raw data itself doesn´t meand anything, but if you relate the fire location with its proximity to the closes populated area, you can help save lifes, assigning a level of emergency according to this factor and incident cases that need inmediate intervention, according to this level, authorities will be alerted. And the app will give all the information needed to have a possitive intervention.

Forest Guardian uses Costa Rica´s Atlas Data Base in congruency with NASA MODIS Data Base, to link an analyse posible reactions of the forest fire.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Marcela  Amador-Salas
  • Luis Chinchilla Arias
  • Emmanuel Mora Marín
  • Luis Alonso Murillo Rojas