See Debris Viewer! It visualizes moving Space Debris in real-time on 3D space map, Firefox OS, and a Unity (VR) app. On 3D map, it shows date and time left below, you can forward and backward time. On VR app, it shows space debris in virtual space through Smartphone. Click space debris and find its origin! -Which rocket or satellite it was, which country developed, or when and where it was launched etc. We plan to develop more action! We use Two-line element set data provide by

This project is solving the Happy Moments From Space challenge.


Our aim is to make people realize “invisible” space debris. In spite of the situation that our awareness for environmental problems has been raised and our activity has expanded to space, “environment” means only within the Earth not include Space.

We develop 2 types of application –3D map and VR. Through 3D map, you can overview how many space debris are and how they move. Through VR app, you can feel as you are in space and feel space debris close. Both apps show space debris's information if you click one.

Our application is for schools, teachers, space lovers, and also non-space lovers. We hope people to increase their interest and awareness for Space Debris through these apps!

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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"Read me" of 3D map -
"Read me" of Unity (VR) app -
Demo Video -


  • chika Takahashi
  • Takeshi OSOEKAWA
  • Yoshinori Hatanaka
  • Yuki Takeichi
  • Taro Matsuzawa aka. btm