This project represent single logical unit consisting of multiple computers called computer cluster. It will be used to connect to the laboratory of the European Space Agency in Burgas Free University.


Cluster is a standalone system consisting of several computers that are connected via LAN. Networked computers act as a single, more powerful machine. The cluster provides a much faster processing speed, greater storage capacity, better data integrity, exceptional reliability, and greater access to resources. BFU cluster has 8 personal computers connected via switch. One of the computers is our head node and the others are compute nodes. The head node gives tasks to the other computers, they execute them and then return the result to the main computer. In this way we provide single data processing to reduce process time. In the future we will connect BFU Cluster to the program called MERIS (Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer). MERIS is use to process data from the satellite ENVISAT.

Project Information

License: wxWindows Library License (WXwindows)

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  • Martin Zhekov
  • Nefise Redzheb