Our project is about visualizing asteroid data saved in NASA databases in a three dimensional world. All the movements would be real and you can track how each asteroid moves around our solar system. Demo on:

This project is solving the Visualize the Asteroid Skies challenge.


There were many different approaches we could have used to get this project going but the space apps challenge limited us to technologies that do not require plugins so we thought that the most suitable would be ThreeJS. We had a lot of different ways to access the data provided by NASA and because we wanted to have an independent system we downloaded their database which had information for about 600,000 asteroids. We categorized them in the ones that could one day be a potential hazard and used SQL queries to filter them out for our API which would then provide them to the web application.

We want to get any average user to be able to get stuck in our web application exploring the different asteroids their movements, details etc. After looking at some of the other different projects on the space challenge website we decided that this would be the best challenge for our skills. Different info graphics provide plenty of user friendly information.

Demo on:

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License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • Armend Imeri
  • Yll Deari
  • Lokman Musliu
  • Artan Emini
  • Armend Imeri