This project is solving the Data Treasure Hunting challenge.

The aim of our project is to solve the problem of open data connection.

We have used the NASA Open data and crossed them with other external open data to trace relationship between space and earth activities. Through a mobile app, user can choose existing keywords or add new ones and see how open data can be curiously connected. I.e. a user can see co2 level data offered by nasa and link with precipitations data available in his country to see how the two variables influence their status. or, with more fantasy, and thanks to the "butterfly effect", a user can see how well their favourite football team can play in relationship with the lunar phases (data offered by nasa again in relationship with public open data). Thanks to the implementation of android watch wearable users can choose keywords with the vocal assistant for a better social experience, and share the results with friends on social network. The impact can be endless.

The last, but not least, point we have focused on is the primary organization of data: we have lost hours trying to read the data toolkit provided with the challenge, riscontrating a bounce of problems due to a compatibility version issue; the data available today on NASA portal are available with the 1.1 version of the open data scheme license (updated on february, 2015), while the toolkit provides data with the 1.0 version of the license, which uses different id index key for access to API (which is now unavailable). So, we have rebuilded the index of data, and with a web app we collect all the fragmented data and format them in table more easy for the use of user: now the data are re-available and in a more simple way to consult.

Project Information

License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License (BSD-3-Clause)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/Ap2-elis/AP2SOURCE



  • Gianfilippo Cisternino
  • Gianmarco Silluzio
  • Riccardo Pettinari
  • Francesco Di Maggio
  • Frederik Batuna
  • Giuseppe Agneti