This project is solving the Sensor Yourself challenge.


6th sense-or allows “augmented” navigation in an hazardous environment. This is a functional package that optimizes the power consumption necessary to complete the recognition operations. The project is made up of a smartphone app interacting with an autonomous rover equipped with air support (quadcopter or balloon). As the user starts the navigation, the air vehicle is launched, a stereo picture is taken and sent back to the rover. Once it has been analysed the 3D virtual map is created and received on the device. The user now chooses the destination, the minimum path is detected and followed by the rover accordingly. Finally the user is allowed to reach the same target safely. In addition, the user is provided with a kinect sensor to help navigating in low-visibility ground. In order to perform this task a number of sensors are mounted on both the vehicles. Among these are IMU platforms, encoders, GPS receivers, anemometer, stereo camera, barometer and ultrasound device.

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License: Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL-1.0)



  • Alexandru Tudorache
  • Marco Passeri
  • Luca Calacci
  • Niko Sciatore
  • kaled megahed
  • Daniele Monteleone
  • Paolo Roberto Di Gregorio
  • Alessandro Nicolosi
  • Giovanni Balestrieri
  • Augusto Montani
  • Daniela Ruggeri
  • Chantal Tognetti
  • Domenico Cappello
  • Alessio Antenucci
  • Andrea D'Ambrosio
  • Matteo De Petrillo
  • Alexandru Tudorache