Practical concept for printing 3D food in space and solving main issues generated from big expenses from transporting food in space, storage of food, expiration date and lack of vitamins in specific food and commercial application like solving world hunger.

This project is solving the Print Your Own Space Food challenge.


This project aims to achieve and solve problem with transporting food in space that generate big expenses, storage of food, expiration date and lack of vitamins in specific food. This project can solve the problem with world hunger because can be implemented here on Earth too. The 3D printer use cartridges with all vitamins, proteins, minerals, color and sweeteners. This cartridges don't take much space thus solving the main problem with transporting big portion of food in space. The 3D printer have software interface that have pre-programmed menu that can solve main issue with 2600 calories per day for each astronaut.

There is even menu that can be used for requesting new food, and this form is send to interactive web page that can be viewed by the top 10 Universities in the world and rest of the people, who can make their own suggestion and to vote for the specific food. Then the chosen models can be send to the 3D printer and then printed. This project solves main commercial issue here on Earth too, and that is world hunger! According to NASA, by the end of this century there will be population of 12 billions people and the food will be problem that can be easy fixed with this 3D printing solution.

Real example are long lasting missions. Mission to Mars with duration of seven months is long time to have fresh fruit in big quantities. 3D Food Printer solve that problem in space and the astronauts will have fresh fruit because the cartridges are closed and with long expiration date.Another example is Alaska that have lack of different types of apples that can be solved with printing from the 3D food printer.This project will be OPEN SOURCE so everyone can make their own contribution to the platform.

The 3D Food Printer have INOVATING intelligent recycling management system so if You eat apple and have waste, the printer will take that waste, recycled it and use it again for making new food.The cartridges are self cleaning and there is absolutely no waste from the system because all matter is reused.


By implementing our combine knowledge in hardware and software, we managed to make prototype of 3D food printer. We made application for choosing food, drink and desert. By pressing “Print button” your food is ready for printing! Different food takes different time for printing, so you can choose live feed to watch your food being printed. You can even request new food from the form, connected with (interactive) web site, open for the public.

On the site they can give suggestions and vote for the one best offered. The main reusable component of our hardware are cartridges. We are using vitamins, proteins, aroma and color and mixing them with marzipan.

With the food recycling system, you can reuse matter that is left from waste food. This project solves storage space, decreasing expenses, print different variety of food , and commercial use like solving world hunger.

Team - Kokino

Boban Popovski - Team Leader/Hardware (Professor of Information Technology, MSc Student of Information Systems and Technology)

Martin Strahilovski - Developer/Speaker (Electrotechnical Engineer, MSc Student of Renewable Energy Sources)

Lidija Popovska - Web/Design (Professor of Information Technology, MSc Student of Information Systems and Technology)

Boban Mitovski - Research (Specialist of forensics and security)

Milosh Mladenovski - Simulation (Historian and Archivist)

Nikola Subotic (MSc Law Student)

We are all active members of Kumanovo Astronomy Society - Kokino.

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://app.box.com/s/zpuva7wqwi9x3hf8q5ld4rtw2gk3lmfl


All resources from the challenge - https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org/challenge/print-your-own-space-food/
Video for the Project - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj9T3BnmPng


  • Boban Popovski
  • Nikola Subotic
  • Milos Mladenovski
  • Boban Mitovski
  • Martin Strahilovski
  • Lidija Popovska