Welcome to NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015 in Stockholm

    Sweden is on a mission to space – and we want you on our crew!

    We are proud to be part of NASA’s Space Apps Challenge and invite you to join us in Stockholm for a great weekend of creative problem solving where the sky is not the limit.

    The Space Apps Challenge 2015 by NASA is a part of long-term initative and on-going national strategy for space tourism. The aim is to strengthen Sweden’s capability in commercial spaceflight industry and create a platform for cross-industry collaboration for global problem solving with local impact where diversity is the catalyst to innovation; (in Swedish).

    Come and build the future in space with Karin Nilsdotter, the Co-Founder and CEO of Space Travel Alliance and Managing Partner of Spaceport Sweden, two pioneering initiatives to realize the dream of commercial space travel, establishing Europe’s gateway to space in Swedish Lapland and a leading spaceline for tourism, research and education.

    As we seek to inspire diversity and more women in the space industry, we work together with Datatjej, GeekGirlMeetup, Malvina and IVA Student Forum to reach our target of 50% women participants in this hackathon.

    You can register as a team or individually. We welcome designers, programmers, artists, scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs from all ages and backgrounds and you can choose any challenge that captures your imagination and uses your skills or create-your-own if you need to. The challenges this year is divided into the four themes Outer Space, Earth, Humans or Robotics; Here you can read them all. More than 200 data sources, including data sets, services and tools will be available for this challenge. 

    Here are some examples of available challenges:
    - Work on the #CROPALERT challenge and find a way to bring data to local growers around the world
    - Hack the #ZEROGEEBEE challenge! Design and simulate a drone assist astronauts in moving items around the international space station
    - Build the future of food with the #SPACEFOOD challenge and explore the possibilities of 3D printed food
    - Your challenge is to design wearable clothing and accessories 

    To get more inspiration check out the official Facebook page.

    Your solution doesn't need to be only an 'app' in a traditional sense. It can be a mobile app, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions. 

    Your team will present the solution to a jury consisting of industrial professionals and well-regarded academics. The two best solutions will then compete on a global level!

    We expect you to bring your own device (e.g. notebook, tablet) and other specific tools you might need for your project. Internet access (via WiFi) and power sockets will be supplied to all attendees. We will provide a free lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as a constant supply of refreshments, tea and coffee, throughout the event.

    The global winning team members will all be invited to attend (and bring one guest with them) to a NASA launch at Kennedy Space Center.  Travel is not included, however.  Last year's winners attended the Orion launch in December 2014.  


    Registration is open for Space Apps Challenge 2015 -Stockholm, be sure to secure your spot !
    To be able to participate in the global challenge you need to also register here !

    Check out this videos for inspiration:

    Time: 11-12 april 2015

    Venue: SUP46, Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm

    Local organizers: Spaceport SwedenSwedish Incubators & Science Parks, SUP46

    Producer /Project Manager: PROMAG, Susanne Fuglsang, [email protected], +46 70 738 99 97

    Press: Karin Nilsdotter, [email protected] + 46 70 2268801


    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1

    The Personal Display

    Global Nominee #2

    Companions in Space


    StockholmMap it
    Regeringsgatan 29, 111 53 Stockholm

    Karin Nilsdotter
    Email Karin
    Susanne Fuglsang
    Email Susanne
  • The following projects were worked on at Stockholm:

    • planet hunt

      Project Members from this location
      • Maximilian Roth
      • Holger Niessner
      • Pouyan Azari

      Teaching our platform with machine learning to deliver better results - finding the most stunning pictures. Using competition and gamification with an intuitive interface the website persuades everybody to participate.

      You want to join our team?!

      Just send an email to ma... Visit Project

    • The Personal Display

      Project Members from this location
      • Simon Hällström
      • Maria Paz
      • Caroline Dahl
      • Carla Carlson
      • Robin  Linder


      There are thousands of pages of user manuals onboard the ISS. This number is ever increasing as new technology is added and guidelines are updated. Astronaut engineers, scientists and technicians need to have this information easily accessible without interrupting... Visit Project

    • Companions in Space

      Project Members from this location
      • jennifer rainsford
      • James Omoya
      • Simon Karlsson
      • Holger Niessner
      • Karin Nilsdotter
      • Pouyan Azari



      In the future there will be bigger space stations and space ships for travels to outer space, which increases the amount of repetitive and monotone tasks that has to be performed aboard the space ship, like repairs, m... Visit Project