Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK
  • Oklahoma STEM Foundation is hosting 2015 SPACE APPS CHALLENGE in Oklahoma CIty, OK.


    Meinders School of Business
    University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    AddressNW 26th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106
    Phone(405) 208-5000


    Friday April 10
    4pm: Onsite registration
    5pm: Opening session
    Welcome and Overview
    Remarks by Sonny Vu - Inventor & Entrepreneur
    Teams Connecting & Choosing Challenges

    Saturday April 11
    8am - Midnight: Work on project

    Sunday April 12
    8am- 3pm: Work on project
    3.15pm - 5.15pm: Project Presentations & Judging
    5.30pm: Recognition & Awards Presentation

    Opening Speaker:
    Sunny Vu
    Founder and CEO Misfit Wearables

    After immigrating to the United States as a young boy,Sonny Vu grew up in Northwest Oklahoma City and graduated from Putnam City West in 1991. After receiving degrees in math and linguistics, he was a pioneer in machine learning with Microsoft Research and went on to found AgaMatrix, makers of the world’s first iPhone-connected hardware medical devices, including glucose meters and more than 15 FDA cleared products. He went on to create and found Misfit, makers of award-winning wearable and stylish activ- ity and sleep monitors: Shine and Flash, as well as Bolt, a smart color-changing bulb. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the burgeoning field of wear- able technology. 






    Challenges are designed to spark creativity as they present very real issues in an imaginative way. These challenges also provide the opportunity for a fun, intense, short- term project, rather than an ongoing time commitment.

    The Challenges are geared for middle school - post colle- giate individuals who can work independently or in small groups toward solving the challenges. Participants can come with established team mates, or can choose to con- nect and work with people they meet at the challenge. Teams also have the opportunity to share code and collabo- rate with other teams from around the world.

    Challenges are in four main areas at 3 levels of difficulty


    • 3-2-1 Liftoff: Launch That Rocket!

    • Airburst Data Visualization

    • Asteroids 2025 - 2100 - Future History

    • Create Your Own Asteroid Mission

    • Deep Space CAMSAT

    • Happy Moments from Space

    • Neuromorphic Studies of Asteroid Imagery

    • Robotic Observatory

    • Transient Watch - Daily News on Active Neutron Stars and Black Holes on Your Mobile Phone

    • Visualize the Asteroid Skies 



    • Robots Robots Robots

    • Sensor Yourself

    • Spacebot Stereo Vision

    • Spacecraft Thermal Power Consumption

    • Zero Gee Bee—Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone 


    • 3D Astromed Devices

    • Bodies in Spacey Motion

    • Data Treasure Hunting

    • Can you hear me now? Space-y sounds

    • Fit as a Moose: Metabolic Observations of Space Explorers

    • Friends In High Places

    • Print Your Own Space Food

    • Space Station Telemetry App

    • Space Wearables: Designing For Today’s Launch and Re- search Stars

    • Airburst Data Visualization

    • Create Your Own Asteroid Mission

    • Deep Space CAMSAT


    • Clean Water Mapping

    • Crop Alert - Learning from the Growers

    • Food Directions

    • Forest Monitor Mapping

    • Leaf Me Alone

    • My Sky Color

    • Open-Source Air Traffic Tracking

    • Stream Gazer

    • Volcanoes, Icebergs and Cats from Space


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    Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University
    2501 N. Blackwelder
    Oklahoma City, OK
    United States

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