Institute of Space Technology
  • Institute of Space Technology, also known as IST, needs no introduction when you think about Space Technology.  IST hold many many achievements in the space of Space Technology. 

    The institute aims at providing outstanding quality education to diverse groups of national and international students.
    Academic programs focus on rigorous scientific and theoretical foundations to create professionals with thorough understanding of the fundamental and a capability of applying this knowledge for research, analysis and design.

    Participate in Space Apps Challenge 2015 this year at IST and bring your inner passion out for space!
    • Please come prepared regarding what problem you want to solve. The problems are already open and you can read about them in detail at
    • If you are coming in a team, that is great but if you are not with a team don't worry. On friday 10th April 2015 there will be a team formation session, please use that time to make teams and find other people to work with.
    • Please bring your laptops with you, If you don't have them don't worry you will be provided with a computer in labs. It's better to bring your own because it will help and time wastage will be minimum.
    • During the event there will be mentors who can guide you about how to solve a particular problem you want to solve.
    • Some of you will be interested in Hardware project, we also have a Digital Logic Design lab for the event.
    • Pick and Drop will be provided for all three days 10th, 11th and 12th, you have follow the time strictly otherwise you have to come by your own.

    Hackathon Schedule

    Final Schdule can be found here

    Judging Criteria

    Please visit to learn more about judging. 

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1


    Global Nominee #2

    M GloVe

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    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    First - Tech Titans
    Second - rrc
    Third - M GloVe



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    Shakeel Shafiq
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  • The following projects were worked on at Islamabad:

    • rrc

      Project Members from this location
      • Naveed Ahsan
      • Zaki Shaheen


      Telemanipulators on the ISS are very important and versatile robots. They are use in repair operations and reduce the risk to humans from space walks. One of the tele-manipulators is Dextre - the special purpose dexterous manipulator (SPDM). It is controlled currently by j... Visit Project

    • M GloVe

      Project Members from this location
      • muddasar yamin

      M GloVe M may be master may be magnificent may be motion or may be Mudassar which is my name ;-) M Glove is solving Space glove challenge.It has two parts an android app which uses gyro sensor readings on android for remote mouse control on a PC and proximity sensor readings for click events ... Visit Project

    • CropAlerts by CropGeeks

      Project Members from this location
      • yunas qazi


      1. An app to help the crop growers build healthy and less or no toxic farms.
      2. Increase the learning of the farmer.
      3. Keep them updated with new trends and happenings.
      4. Consult the fellow farmers.
      5. Maintain histroy and learn from past act... Visit Project

    • SST Android

      Project Members from this location
      • Mohsin Naeem

      Our motive is to create an attractive android app which will use the live data of NASA telemetry system. The app should be attractive with some cool graphics and animation. So that user engaged with the app. Real time data feed is also added in the app. We also add push notifications in the ap... Visit Project

    • Tech Titans

      Project Members from this location
      • Talha  Shahzad
      • Muhammad Mamoon Sharif
      • Raja Muhammad Abdullah
      • Zunaira Sattar
      • Rahma Khan
      • Talha  Shahzad

      Develop a Crowd Sourcing Platform to map water sources Web portal using cartodb (with satellite imagery as a backdrop) Mobile App (Android) to collect geotagged data/pictures in the field: crowd sourcing & for organizations
      Clean water dataset (Sourcing, Adaptation, classification) ... Visit Project

    • EME NUST

      Project Members from this location
      • Afeef Ahmed
      • Abrahim Shah
      • Ammar Sattar
      • Haris Mehmood
      • Nouman Tahir
      • Rohit Kumar
      • Rohit Kumar

      The objective of the robot is to get access to remote locations and provide the feedback of the sensors mounted on to it. Our robot can move in autonomous and semi-autonomous modes. In autonomous mode, the robot makes use of the static image of the maze and then plans the path accordingly. In... Visit Project

    • 3D AstroMed Devices

      Project Members from this location
      • Mohammad Nouman Khan
      • Kashif Siddique
      • Mohammad Nouman Khan

      We started to make 3D models of Medical Kits first. After reviewing that it is now best for the 3D printing, then we will move to 3D Printing stage. Basic purpose is to help crew members in space to find medical devices for their daily use. Devices like syringes, Scalpels, etc Simple shapes a... Visit Project

    • Growers APP

      Project Members from this location
      • Waseem Sajjad
      • Wajahat Imam
      • Muhammad Waqas Khokhar
      • Jawad Khan
      • Waseem Sajjad

      It contins the complete database for all the diseases of the crops and the pests that have to be prevented in order to save it from diseases using GIBS image as well as live feeds from the sensors

      Visit Project

    • Food Directions

      Project Members from this location
      • Noman Mateen
      • Danial Amin
      • Arslan Zafar
      • Muhammad Adil
      • Noman Mateen

      the project is a yield maximization and optimization code that is used to future plan for better production

      Visit Project