New Delhi (Waitlist)

New Delhi (Waitlist)

IIT Delhi, New Delhi (Waitlist)
  • The International Space Apps Challenge will take place at the following address:

    Block IV Lecture Theater 3
    IIT Delhi
    Opposite SDA Market

    The challenges has been released! Please take a look at them and decide which one of the challenges you would like to solve. 

    Things to do before coming for the event:
    • Look at the presentations of past years available on youtube
    • Thoroughly understand the challenges
    • Go through to find more information regarding your challenge
    • Develop a game plan for the hackathon weekend to properly and orderly develop solutions to the challenges
    • Post your involvement in the NASA Space Apps Challenge @spaceappschallenge on social media and invite your friends to come participate
    1. Can I take part in more than one projects? - Yes! You can definitely take part in more than project spanning different challenges or even cities. However, each project would have to specify you as the participant and also can only have one city associated with it
    2. Will you provide any hardware for the hackathon? - We are trying hard to obtain a sponsor to provide hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi for the participants, however until further notice, you are responsible for bringing your own hardware as well as laptop.
    3. If I bring a project that I am already working towards, can it be judged on the Space Apps event? - f you have a project you are currently involved in and want to work on it during the hackathon, you are welcome to do so. However, please inform us beforehand about the project you will be working towards so that we can update NASA.



    IIT Delhi, New Delhi (Waitlist)Map it
    Outer Ring Road
    Opposite SDA Market
    New Delhi (Waitlist), Delhi

    Abhijeet Gahlot
    Email Abhijeet
  • The following projects were worked on at New Delhi (Waitlist):

    • Stella Motus

      Project Members from this location
      • Tanmay Banga

      The actual command interface to our computers has moved away from from keyboards and mouses to touchscreen and hand gestures. These advances are now accessible to human hands and could be used commercially, promoting an advancement in consumer technology. The main objective of our project is... Visit Project