• The event is be jointly organized by The Centre for Internet and Society ( and Team Indus ( comprising of the core team from the local astro-community that initiated the event in 2012. We will be hosting the event at the basement hackerspace at the Centre for Internet and Society.

    The venue is located quite centrally, close to Indranagar 100 feet Road Over Bridge (a famous landmark) and right opposite to The Domlur Club.

    PROGRAM : 

    • KICKOFF and Venue Registrations: Saturday 11th April 2015, 9:00am 
    • IBM BLUEMIX WorkshopSaturday 11th April 2015, 9:30am to 12:00pm -                                                                                         With IBM Blue Mix Team, supported by a workshop organized by members of BMSIT's OpenCube Labs, followed by discussion various possible Open Data Challenges.
    • Noon Keynote:  Amar Sharma, an astronomer and comet hunter, who recently became the 1st Indian Amateur Astronomer to have an Asteroid named after him. Amar will talk about CCD Astro Imaging and his journey and travails as an amateur astronomer.
    • 1:00 pm to 1:30pm, UAV + DRONE Session Hands-On-Demo Session and talk on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and Drones (Quadcopters and Tricopters) followed by a discussion of possible mapping and telemetry projects.

    • 1:30pm - Lunch Break , after which Teams will get together and address a challenge of their choice. The hackathon will continue overnight, until Sunday 8pm, after which Teams will present their solutions to be nominated for Local and Global Awards

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1

    Marvin - A Martian Tour Guide

    Global Nominee #2

    Star Buddy (Spot me)

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    - Marvin - A Martian Tour Guide
    - Star Buddy (Spot me)
    - DSpace - Draw in Space
    BangaloreMap it
    194, 2nd C Cross,
    Domlur 2nd Stage
    Bangalore, Karnataka

    Sharath Chandra Ram
    Email Sharath
    Mounika Palreddy
    Email Mounika
  • The following projects were worked on at Bangalore:

    • Flight Security Using BlackBox(GPS Tracking )

      Project Members from this location
      • sankar .c
      • sangameshwaran .s


      Instead of searching BlackBox after flight crashes, we can have aircraft live tracking from Take off to till it ends its journey by GPS tracking. we can find the plane if it goes crashes and aware of flight crashes by communicating with other aircraft by GPS Trackin... Visit Project

    • Marvin - A Martian Tour Guide

      Project Members from this location
      • Akash Jatangi
      • Ashwin Jaishanker
      • Sowmya Munukutla
      • Siddhant Jain
      • Udit Gupta

      The Curiosity Rover has sent back terabytes of data so far. NASA has released stunning images received directly from Mars for public viewing. Our project is to use these images to provide for a VR experience to the general public. We develop an app that can be used in conjunction with the open... Visit Project

    • CrewSat

      Project Members from this location
      • Udit Kumar Sahoo

      Create a conceptual design of a CrewSat System for deep space satellites that can carry it as payload. The objective would be to develop the satellite bus along with the deployment and docking services facility.

      Visit Project

    • Advanced walker (In Space Mission and In Army)

      Project Members from this location
      • sangameshwaran .s
      • sankar .c

      Walker Challengers In Space Mission and In Army.Which helps in space for astronaut to take samples and hold objects for them and helpfull in dangerous situation and handle the space equippment with care and can land on planets to take samples which we have done so for and send attitude's and ... Visit Project

    • Star Buddy (Spot me)

      Project Members from this location
      • Krishnaprasad M
      • Sreekanth NS
      • Karthika Venkatesan

      It is a C-DAC Bangalore research lab initiative under rapid prototyping category. The developed technology was customized by the team to address the needs of Robotic Observatory Challenge

      Prototype developed:

      Hardware requirements: Arduino, 3 Servo motors, Astro laser

      ... Visit Project

    • Void Propeller

      Project Members from this location
      • Krishna Dixit

      Conditions assumed to be present in the International space station -Zero gravity -Air pressure similar to that on earth

      Challenges for a quad-copter to function in zero gravity -The ability to generate thrust in all directions Reason-There is no d... Visit Project

    • PinCat

      Project Members from this location
      • Rakshak R.Hegde
      • Suraj Manjesh

      Capture images of landscapes from satellites, mark it and share them with your friends and everyone else :D

      Visit Project

    • O3

      Project Members from this location
      • Hardik Patoriya
      • Aniket  Prabhu
      • Rohith Kumar

      Ozone 3 is a simple to use app for hobby gardeners and terrace farmers helping them to know the effect of ozone on their crop leafs. Also the app provides Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, which helps in knowing the chlorophyll level and nitrogen content of the plants. This helps in know... Visit Project

    • DSpace - Draw in Space

      Project Members from this location
      • Prathish Karkala Srinivas
      • Sonali Chandrakar
      • Shreeyash Salunke
      • Shreeyash Salunke
      • kalyani ingole
      • Kavya Dhanapalan
      • Nandhini E


      Visit Project

    • Wearable bot guiding glove

      Project Members from this location
      • Utkarsh Simha
      • Koushik S

      The project aims to achieve automation for navigating areas of ISS and inspecting it for damage or even perform repairs with addons such as a robotic arm. This helps the astronauts not endanger themselves by trying to go to hard-to-access places. If the wearable glove is used to control a dron... Visit Project