We would like to help astronauts get tools delivered in their hands or get garbage collected – all that with a modified q-copter. This will allow movements in all 6 DOF, performing various maneuvers. Our autonomous robots will become effective astronauts’ assistants, helping with simple yet time consuming tasks. The hardware platform will enable efficient movement in an atmospheric environment. We believe that robots built on this platform will perform useful tasks in pressurized spacecraft.

This project is solving the ZERO GEE Bee – Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone challenge.


How zero gee bee looks like? Main parts are: - body, - 4 motors assembly, - griping mechanism, - docking mechanism;

Body holds all attach mechanisms, control and navigational electronics with sensors, battery power source, communications module,… Motor assembly has propeller with motor which provides thrust (from 0-100%), orientation motor which can change orientation for +-100 degrees by increment pulses and protection cage. Gripping mechanism is designed to grip and release items. Docking mechanism helps ZGB rest on docking station, recharging batteries, readjusting position; There can be more docking stations which can be shared by several ZGBs. For docking station the existing sphere UDP (universal docking port) can be used. Some possible maneuvers: 1. Up and down or pull and push on z-ax 2. Moving on x and y axis 3. Rolling and rotating 4. Delivery from point A to point B: grap, pull, rotate, pull to stop in position 5. Unscrew, move and screw 6. Open and close door by gripping the handle, turning the handle, move-pull-swing door, push door and rotating handle

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  • Janez Šranc