Design of a wearable astronaut suit with implanted miniature Variable Speed Control Moment Gyroscope (VSCMG), which can be used by astronauts while performing internal/external vehicular activities. By wearing the suit, the astronauts can able to reorient from any initial attitude to any desired attitude without the astronaut exerting any force/torque. Also, the suit can provide the astronaut with an attitude hold torque letting them stabilized and pointed in a particular orientation.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.



An attitude dynamics model of an astronaut with variable speed control moment gyroscope (VSCMG), is obtained using the framework of geometric mechanics. This attitude dynamics formulation relaxes some standard assumptions, that are made in the prior literature on control moment gyroscopes and provides a general dynamics model. The dynamics equations show the complex nonlinear coupling between the internal degrees of freedom associated with the VSCMG and the astronaut's attitude degrees of freedom. General ideas on how this coupling can be used to control the angular momentum of the astronaut using changes in the momentum variables of a finite number of VSCMGs, are provided.

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  • Sasi Prabhakaran Viswanathan