We would like to develop a smart glove that would integrate many technologies in one wearable device. It would contain many sensors such as heat sensor, voltmeter, ammeter, and distance sensor. It would also contain wireless modules in order to communicate with other devices and the system on the air ship, and control it. Moreover it would measure biological data of the person wearing it.

This project is solving the SpaceGloVe: Spacecraft Gesture and Voice Commanding challenge.


We aim to gain as much experience as possible by developing this smart glove in just 2 days. We believe that this is a chance to impact the whole world in a positive way, by participating in shaping the future of space exploration. We will develop the glove, and work in R&D for sometime to make it much better, then try to turn it into a business.

Project Information

License: IBM Public License 1.0 (IPL-1.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/Ahmkel/VoidGlove



  • Ahmed El-Hinidy
  • Mostafa Bedir