Collecting the data all related resource & store in to save place. All required resource will develop their data as per their OS or Dba. Data will transaction via Network & Server to save in to storage. Those system would have fault tolerance. In this issue we can use Microsoft OS, Cisco network & NetApp storage with their OS system. During the save data for backup we can use Symantec Backup solution.

This project is solving the Data Treasure Hunting challenge.


Project Name: VMCNSS (VMware Symantec Microsoft Cisco NetApp Solution). My ambition is to collect & recovery to protect all created & develop Data as done by hard work by resource. My project vision will achieve as below step by step Solution Infrastructure: 1. Make network infrastructure. 2. This infrastructure is deliver by 2 Phase.

I. 1- Phase: Data Center (DC). II. 2nd-Phase: End user (Required person) access Storage by network. As required access.

1-Phase: Data Center (DC). This can be resource to communicate with all the End User Computer to collect data send Transmit & receive Transmit (TX & RX) over TCP& IP in to store on Storage system.

In DC having as below the requirements setup by strongly. i. Main resource is Server. ii. Switch iii. Storage iv. Firewall v. UPS (Uninterrupted power supply). vi. Cooling vii. Tape library Connectivity: Via UTP, FC & Power cable. Fault Tolerance: Server & Storage would have Cluster based setup. Storage have synchronize or asynchronies setup. Either it is Unified or Metro cluster.

  1. Data Center (DC) site Hardware & Software requirements:

i. Server H/W is HP, Dell, and Cisco UCS & OS is Microsoft server 2012R2. ii. Storage is NetApp & OS is NetApp (8.3). Block level Technology. iii. UTP & FC Cable is (Systemax). iv. Switch is Cisco. v. Firewall Cisco or Dell vi. Tap library HP or Dell. vii. Ups APC or others. viii. Colling System Emerson or others. ix. Symantec Backup Exec 2015. x. VMware 5.5 and 6.0 2nd-Phase: it is the Access user who will create or collect data by their Personal computer which has access via network to Server to Storage & printers. It should secured by accessing 3rd party.

i. This user having MS OS in his computer to having access Microsoft application even exchange 2013. ii. Connectivity: Via UTP cable. End User site Hardware & Software Requirements:

iii. Personal Computer or workstation H/W is Dell or HP & OS is Microsoft. Windows 7 & Microsoft office application.

Conclusion: those setup is main Network Infrastructure after that we can develop as organization (OU) need. Exempt: Exchange server, Lync Server, Internet Server, Portal Server, etc.

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