An iOS app to show the latest human readable news on the transient high-energy sky. The focus is on minimal delay and minimum hassle, an user just need to install the app and enjoy.

This project is solving the Transient Watch – Daily News on Active Neutron Stars and Black Holes on Your Mobile Phone challenge.



We show the latest news handling multiple RSS feeds and raw web sites. The backend polls all sources, aggregates them and delivers as a single JSON feed, which then parsed and shown by the mobile app. For each new item in the feed a push notification is sent to a mobile phone to immediately notify an user.


The backend is implemented as Go application on IBM Bluemix platform using Mobile Push service. The app itself is implemented using React Native and Objective-C native code.

What's next

On the backend we'd like to add support of protocols like VOEvent. iOS app must be polished and Android app will be developed.

Project Information

License: BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" or "FreeBSD" License (BSD-2-Clause)

Source Code/Project URL:


Backend source code -
Backend -


  • Emiliya Galieva
  • Dmitri Sokolov
  • Alexey Miroshkin