This is an app which would let a user acquire a leaf image using smartphone. The image would then be sent to a Matlab server which would classify the image as one of the following :a healthy leaf, a leaf affected from ozone or an afflicted leaf(but not due to ozone). It would also tell the stage in case of a ozone affected leaf. The result would be communicated to the end user.

This project is solving the Leaf Me Alone challenge.


Acquire image through smartphone. Transmit image to a Matlab server.

Create a database of leaves with healthy leaves, ozone afflicted leaves and other infectious leaves. Run pre-porocessing and color based segmentation on leaves for classification of healthy, non-healthy leaves. Possibly identify ones affected from ozone. Determining the % of pixels affected. Categorize to a stage according to the handbook guide.

Display the result to the user

Project Information

License: Common Development and Distribution License 1.0 (CDDL-1.0)

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  • Rashi Agarwal