This project aims to track and model all types of space debris, particularly their collisions, using a simulation developed in JavaScript, under the Three.js library.


Team Kessler coders are developing a 3D JS simulation which tracks the trajectories of space debris based on TLE datasets, calculating any possible collisions, and their possible effect on Kessler Syndrome, which is the theory that as the amount of space debris increases in Earth orbit, the amount of collisions and subsequent debris will increase. We are also pursuing different uses of this visualization. A Team Kessler engineer is also designing a theoretical spacecraft for capture and recovery of such debris, using the data and the coders' simulations to time the release of a capture probe just right so that the junk is taken out of orbit. Other team members are pursuing the potential of integrating the data with a wearable bracelet controlled via an Intel Edison. Check out our escapades at and twitterhandle @redprotist.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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Satellite.js -
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  • Olivia Ross
  • Katie Orenstein
  • Oskar Maria Grande
  • will field
  • Nikola Viazmenski
  • Adil Soubki