The project aims to cover an unknown area by a network of RFID sensors. Inspired by ants which leave their smell, a mobile robot leaves its footprints to identify its path. The area is therefore mapped while the sensors collect and send any relevant data to the mother station or to the robot itself.


The main idea behind the project is to map an area which is unknown or dangerous for human beings. The robot perfoms some measures and then keeps moving forward until a certain minimum distance is reached. When it finds some differences, it sows a new RFID sensor. The data may be temperature, pressure, or any relevant weather condition, in addition to soil's type or strucuture. The main advantage here is low consumption compared to classical metering devices, as well as large area coverage.

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Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)



  • Rami Lahouar
  • Brahim Slimene
  • bechir ben kahla
  • marwa ladhari
  • Ali Lahouar